SoCal Pan Fandom Formal

Steve and Laura

A nice evening out

Dress up, dress to impress. Bring your best. Anything you'd wear to Labyrinth, the Time Traveler's Gala, or the SoCal Cosplay Ball should be fine, or wear a suit and tie or a nice dress (or the equivalent), or a costume you're proud of and can sit down in. Make an effort.

Tickets $20, or by special arrangement. "Pan Fandom Friend of the Formal" VIP tickets $40.

What to Expect

Doors open at 6:00 pm. Music for dancing until Midnight.

Expect to find a dance floor, comfortable seating, and a disc jockey in one room; food, drink and conversation in another, well-lit room.

Costume Repair Station: if your costume needs a simple emergency fix, we'll probably be able to help you.

V3 Cosplay Syndicate

Decoration services provided by V3 Cosplay Syndicate. If you like how the place looks, it's all because of their efforts.

Age limits

Adults of all ages are welcome. This event is primarilary an "18 and up" event; ages 15-17 by special arrangement only, please inquire before you buy your tickets.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone of any age for any reason, including but not limited to past behavior.

Alcohol Policy

The Spring Formal will not be serving alcohol.

Pan Fandom Friends VIP Lounge

A small number of "Pan Fandom Friends of the Formal" tickets will be sold. We'll have a special nook off to the side with couches and a few special touches. (Let us know what you like to drink. We'll see if we can accommodate you.)

Parking and Transportation

Our location is one block east of the Metro Orange Line "Van Nuys" station. The Orange Line has late night service on Saturdays. There are several trains after midnight, but be sure to check your connections when you make your plans. More information on Metro Orange Line.

There is free street parking nearby, but watch for the "No Parking after 9:00 pm" signs especially on Aetna. We strongly suggest that you carpool. Park on in the neighborhood such as on Bessemer, or in the Metro lot near Aetna and Van Nuys Blvd. If you've come alone, we will be happy to escort you back to your car or to the Orange Line station.

More information on getting there.

"SoCal Pan Fandom Formal" is a formal dinner and dance, held at the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. Presented by Chaz and friends. Decorations by V3 Cosplay Syndicate. If you like our "meme pix," click on the one we've posted above to see the entire collection.

Rev. 12-Mar-2014